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Entry #4

dragon force ROCKED

2008-09-27 07:09:17 by cyborgste-commando

yes i went to see them live with my friends and it SO ROCKED we called the secondary gutairist "you fat b*******" 3 TIMES >:D and then it was awsome everyone tarted to pit i didnt tough but saying that it was very close :3 then the band finished with a shortend version of through the fire and flames

the whole band was awsome my fav person was the base player he shreded like ace and he made funny faces while playing :D herman lee (lead gutairist) was awsome with his shreading the singer was awsome talking to the crowd and band members while they where playing the drumer was quite insane the way he was drumming and the keyboardist was very awsome with a custom song sounded very good with the base player playing with him and at the end of his song it said "it's a me mario" and everyone went insane >:D

basic the whole night ROCKED now im up with one hell of a killing head and half deaf (becaue i was like 12 rows close :D) and ive got a new jacket as well for my self so on monday im going into college with dragon force stuff on >:D

oh yea i forgot the opening bad lets just say there where a mix of pirates and bad singers DAMN IT WAS HORRABLE for 45 minutes as well :( anyway thanks for reading people :D


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2008-09-27 08:01:08



2008-10-06 13:41:50

Sounds good, when was this?


2009-06-09 13:13:35

we are keeping u in the power of 3 and removing super ashman kk

cyborgste-commando responds:

nah i think were good how it is


2010-05-01 13:50:53

i was in the front row at that concert!!!