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this has to be one of the BEST series on Newground

Amazing style
Amazing annimation

Over all its just a BLOODY AMAZING ANNIMATION i wouldn't be suprised if you got hired by a big Annimation company (cant give examples because i forgot LOL) your just amazing at what you do on flash and you shouldnt stop.

this pulled a few heart strings and braught a tear to my eye just having these amazing flash's i hope you are successfull in what you do later in life no matter what

-Cyborgste ;)

VLC it migt be good

but it is pointless in side of a college in my college we have it and its poor on it

but hey if it plays stuff other cant it might be good and i think i after agree with Dmabster i would pay to see this :V

this is bypassed the level of "awesome"

I would call this more a "Epic" or it might even get to a rank of "internet MeMe" then it would be quite "awesome" (lol backfire).

For those who like to sing with this i have like listen to this loop 70 times and got these lyrics for it.

narwhals, narwhals swimming in the ocean
causing a commotion
because they are so awesome
narwhals, narwhals swimming in the ocean
pretty big and pretty white
they beat a polar bear in a fight
just like a underwater water unicorn
they have a kickass facal horn
they're the Jedi of the sea
they Stop cthulu eating ye
narwhals they are narwhals
just dont let them touch your balls
narwhals they are narwhals
inventers of the shish kebab

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but this was horrible the begging was a bit fun but the "fun" factor went as soon as the exit needed a key so it was terrible and it was Laggy has mad now it cant be laggy for me when i have a fast computer


hey chris its me dr nibbles from msn i got linked here and its awsome i can do some flash things for ya you know (ive got a tallent in flash :3)

Chris220 responds:

Have you done any work in 2D physics? Because I'm working on... well, I'm not saying here. Message me to find out more.


its was a amazing game so much stuff to do and that boss that surrounded one of the bubbles i was like :O and i had to upgrade 5 times and have like 500 bubbles backup just to beat him but i beat him and its amazing :D

VERY good job 10/10 hands down this is win

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this feels like its a professional song.

forget that its actuly sounding very good!

please do more of this it is very inspiring to me haha :D

DJNAX responds:

Thanks! Ofc i will make more music! Just stay tuned! :)

Thanks for the rating and the review!

haha nice track

i was listening to this and at the begining i was like "no way is this gonna be Dubstep" then about 27 seconds in i was like "Woa nice"

anyway good track

keep up the good work! :)

Jewelz123 responds:

hahaha, safe!!! ye the start is rather misleading :P

thanks for the review dude :)

another good song

hey again cyborgste here just stubled apon this and thort this is quite awesome i will keep checking back to see if you release anything new :D

good work ;)

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4.13 / 5.00 (+ 0.019) (was 4.12) i try to do my part


pitchblak responds:

Thanks man, Im working on a Friday the 13th track...hope to finish it up soon. Im trying to get back into recording more often than I have been lately. Thanks for the review!! Glad ya dig it man!! later

nothing to see here move on!

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